Royal Baby Infographic

An Infographic that shows how social media across the globe anticipate the the royal baby born in 2015.

This one was featured in the Daily Record and a few other places I believe. Meltwater, a Norwegiain company that helps companies manage the crazy amount of information out there when they are trying to market themselves hired me to make this graphic for their London branch.

I had done a bit crazier one for the Royal's first child, but Meltwater had since changed their branding and wanted their graphics top reflect the changes.

For this one I used more pastel tones drawn from their corporate colors, and tried to match the softness of a nursery. I think it's an example of how you can stay within brand guidlines to hold a consistent look, but not have to be so confined by them that the guidlines clash with the spirit of a project that calls for a slightly softer treatment.
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